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Deck Company in Westminster MD

Our Westminster deck company is here to build the deck of your dreams.  Take a moment to envision your backyard with a beautiful new deck that allows you, your family and friends to enjoy the fresh air with comfortable seating.  We can make this dream your reality.

While some deck builders in the greater Westminster area build the same two or three deck models over and over, we dare to be different.  Our Westminster deck company is here to build the exact deck you envision in your mind’s eye.  Whether you are interested in a particular color, size, layout or other deck features, we will make it happen.

Explain exactly what you are looking for in a deck, let our team work its magic and it won’t be long until you are lounging on a beautiful new deck with your family, buddies or furry friends, sipping a cold drink and finally living life as it was meant to be lived.  This space will be absolutely perfect for summer grilling, parties, entertaining guests, reading and so much else.

Westminster Deck Repair

Our decks are certainly sturdy yet they will eventually show signs of wear and tear just like every other deck. The weather in Westminster can take its toll on all decks, even those built to perfection by our expert builders.  If you notice any flaws with your deck, do not assume this space will prove safe or functional.  As is often said, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Even if your deck is not on the verge of collapse, the slightest flaw can prove dangerous to you, loved ones and guests.  Let us analyze your deck, determine the appropriate course of action and get to work repairing your deck.


Westminster Deck Maintenance

Though few Westminster homeowners insist on yearly deck inspections, it is prudent to have a structure of this magnitude and importance analyzed in-depth at least once every year or two.  Otherwise, you run the risk of the deck needing a number of costly repairs.  These repairs have the potential to prove inconvenient, especially if they are performed in the spring or summer when you are most likely to use your deck.

The small amount of money you pay for deck maintenance will save you plenty of money down the line as you won’t have to pay for nearly as many repairs.  More importantly, frequent deck maintenance will delay the eventual replacement of your deck.  There is no sense paying for the installation of a new deck when our Westminster team can maintain your current deck and ultimately prolong its lifespan well beyond your initial expectations.

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Our Focus is on You

TRW Contracting puts the focus on you, the customer, rather than maximizing the bottom line.  We keep our pricing competitive to encourage Westminster customers to rely on our deck specialists for additional projects in the future.  We invest a considerable amount of time developing a blueprint for each unique project to ensure the perfect deck is constructed.

Alternatively, if you need deck repairs or deck maintenance, we will go out of our way to assess the integrity of your deck and perform the appropriate repairs/maintenance in a timely manner.  We take great pride in the fact that our customers agree our customer service is second-to-none in the Westminster region.

Our deck experts are here for all homeowners in the greater Westminster area.  If you are interested in a new deck or need repairs or maintenance on your current deck, contact us today.  You can reach our deck specialists by dialing 443-974-5936.


Let us know what you need, we're more than happy to help make your home even better!