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Deck Builder in Westminster MD

Every Westminster homeowner deserves a high-quality, reliable deck that adds to their home’s comfort and aesthetic appeal.  TRW Contracting is here to perform your deck construction, repair and maintenance.  Whether you are interested in an entirely new deck or if your current deck needs improvements, we have got you covered.

Deck Construction

A deck provides the perfect opportunity for summer grilling, parties and other get-togethers with family and friends.  Instead of setting up lawn chairs in your backyard when friends or family are over, you and your guests can enjoy a full-fledged deck that proves spacious and comfortable.  TRW Contracting is here to build the deck of your dreams.  Meet with our deck experts and we will help you design the ideal deck for your backyard.

We sweat all the small stuff during the design process to ensure your deck turns out absolutely amazing.  Everything from the deck color to its size, layout and other details must be planned ahead of time.  Once we have a plan in place for your new deck based on your unique needs and desires, we will start building.  Our careful construction of your deck will ensure you and your family have the perfect backyard space to lounge, socialize and enjoy life as it was meant to be lived.

Deck Repair

Decks do not last forever.  Neglect your deck and it will fall apart as mother nature gradually wears it down.  It is important to remember your deck is highly vulnerable as it is outdoors and lacking in sturdiness and protection compared to your home.  Between the rain, wind, snow, hail, sleet and other natural elements, your deck takes a beating.  If you notice even the slightest imperfection in your deck, reach out to our Westminster deck specialists to address it right away.

As an example, our Westminster deck repair team has rectified decks plagued by loose, rotten and cracked wood.  Deck handrails have the potential to loosen.  Deck boards can prove overly-pliant.  Even deck support posts will gradually weaken across time.  If you ignore these developing problems, they will inevitably worsen to the point that your deck proves unsightly or possibly even unsafe.  Our deck specialists are here to repair each of the problems noted above and then some.  Simply give us a call and we will head on over to your Westminster home at our earliest convenience to assess the damage.  Our team will perform deck repairs to guarantee this part of your home remains safe, pleasing to the eye and functional.


Deck Maintenance

Stay on top of deck maintenance and you will dramatically reduce the odds of a repair or replacement in the upcoming months and years.  It does not hurt to have your deck inspected once per year.  If we notice any flaws with the deck structure or any other component of the deck during the inspection, will bring those issues to your attention.  The little bit of money and time invested in deck maintenance has the potential to save you thousands of dollars down the line in the form of fewer and less significant repairs.

Request a Quote

Whether you need a brand new deck or if your deck requires repairs or maintenance, you need the assistance of true deck aficionados.  Deck projects are not the type of job you can do in a DIY (do it yourself) fashion.  Our Westminster deck specialists take great pride in our professionalism, customer service and attention to detail.  Put your faith in our deck experts and your newly-installed or repaired deck will exceed your expectations.  Our deck installers and repair team are awaiting your call.  You can reach us at 443-974-5936 to learn more about our deck services and schedule an appointment.

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